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October 23 ....a busy one...

Most of October was taken up with preparing for and doing the SOUTH HAMS ARTS TRAIL, which I did at the Avon Mill near Kingsbridge. I was with 3 other people, two amazing painters and a fantastic young jeweller. We had more people visiting this time and I was so pleased to sell some of my paper prints and textiles. As we approach Christmas my little decorations came out too!

In a quiet spell at the gallery I had time to catch up with some hand stitching....

Luckily, because we were sharing stewarding, I could still go to Art House to play with inks and continue to work on mixing monoprints with linocuts.

After the trail had finished I made a delivery to Mortonhampstead on Dartmoor where they are going to hold a Christmas Extravaganza in the gallery.

To end the month with a little colour, here is a quick pen and ink doodle of the dahlia my daughter bought me.

Hope you have been able to enjoy the Autumn colours between the storms.


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