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I just love the design of these Japanese knot bags They are a large size knot bag and are made by me in my home in Devon. I developed the design and pattern of these roomy Japanese knot bag to make them bigger, added an internal zipped pocket and a flat circular base. When full they can stand independently and make a beautiful simple organic shape. To close you put the longer strap through the shorter one. simple but amazingly effective. The internal zipped pocket is a really good size with plenty of room for purses, wallets and phones. Good to keep your essentials safe. The space inside the bag is plenty big enough to hold a packed lunch, water bottle, jumper and so on. My daughter uses hers daily for work. It makes a wonderful everyday bag and or could also make a great Yoga or Pilates bag.

Japanese Knot Bag, large size so can be used for yoga, fitness, handbag, with lo

SKU: 632835642834572
  • The outer is a linen mix fabric and the inner is made of cotton canvas.

    All the knot bags are based on the same pattern but measurements may vary very slightly according to the type and thickness of the fabric.
    The internal pocket measures -22cm by 22cm and the zip is either a 20cm or 23cm
    The knot bag measures- 30cm deep up to the start of the straps, 31cm across when flat and 21cm acoss the circular base
    The longer strap measures-76cm up and down when closed, and 80cm when the bag is open

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