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Sun, rain, sun, rain April 2023

The weather reflects the way the month has been with lots of different projects and jobs to do.

Firstly, trying to take photos of my pieces for the South Hams Arts trail in October. It can be challenging to get the right light, combination of objects and positions so the photograph gives a good representation of a 3D object. I am lucky that I can use my husband's good camera but I still don't know what half the buttons do....

Totnes and Modbury Craft Markets were fairly busy and it was lovely to have people stop and talk about the process of how I make my work.

It was also time to do some more block printing of pockets as the lovely shop Artworks in South Brent has said they would try selling them.

Later in the month "The Arthouse Printmakers" also got together to do some sketching in and around Harberton church and village and then we spent a morning trying to make monoprints inspired by the sketches to sell in aid of the charity that helps to maintain the church. I think my prints need more work.....but I am happy with my pencil sketching roll that I finally got round to making.

I am still drawing, sketching and doodling and at the end of the month my daughter looked out of the window and saw the biggest hare exploring the field across from our house. I just love these beautiful animals.

In the last week we made a trip over to Mothecombe to see a lovely exhibition by a local artist and printmaker and walk around the gardens. The gardens are so magical, especially the bluebells at this time of year.

Swallows are back - it has also been so heartening to see so many swallows down our lane and also to spend some time with Skylarks above Bigbury. Listen carefully!

I feel I have had a good April inspired by nature and hope yours has been good too!


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