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September 23

During this month I decided to have a go at doing a continuous line drawing of all things growing in my garden. It is still not finished and I haven't got to the weeds yet!

I did a couple of markets in September, one in Totnes and the Breakfast Market at Landscove. It is so good now to recognize familiar faces at these events.

The start of the month was busy with preparations for the Devon Open Studios, which I was part of at the Art House in South Brent. On the weekend of the opening I also did a Green Maker sale at Make Southwest so I was pleased to get to Monday.

Art House was quickly changed from an exhibition back to a working studio and I was very pleased to be back playing with inks and colours on Monday.

In-between stewarding weekends there has been time for some making; woolly knot bags and zip bags made with pure silk, linen and velvet.

Hoping we have more sunny days in October!


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