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December 2022 with ice and a little snow and many strikes.....

The South Hams Art Forum Present Maker exhibition at Harbour house got December 2022 off to a good start.

Being part of 9 varied makers and artists made for an interesting place for people to visit and buy presents for themselves and others.

I was also lucky to be able to go to vibrant Landscove Monthly market where the community there have raised over £2600 for Cancer Research. Chloe at Me and East has been arranging the stall holders. There is such a lovely atmosphere and also great things to buy; my Christmas shopping got off to a great start!

I set to to make my Christmas cards quite early but unfortunately the strikes have been hampering their delivery.

Hopefully they will be falling through letter boxes soon.

I do hope this isn't the end of the Christmas card as it is sometimes the one time you make contact with people for lots of different reasons. So here is my version of "We three kings". It was inspired by my old linocut of a penguin and seeing the king penguins at Edinburgh Zoo earlier this year. They are such characters and I just hope their environment can be saved.

In the middle of the month I was able to take part in 'All Strung Out'; a sale of original prints made by all of the people that attend the printing groups at the Art House in South Brent. I was so pleased to be able to put some of my textile work in for sale too. It was buzzing with people and also raised money for extra equipment in the print studio.

It is getting closer to Christmas now. The exhibition is all packed up. Cards and packages will hopefully arrive. I wish anybody reading my blog season's greetings and hope you have a peaceful, healthy and happy Christmas and I give thanks to all that have shown an interest in what I make and do.

Here's to 2023!


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