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August 23 not so hot this year....

Over the past few months of trading in the Totnes Artisan Market I have met some lovely people and one particular lady had a brilliant idea of making herself a name badge so here is mine!

I took some time to go through some of the sketch books I have filled up and thought about which drawings would make a good linocut and here are some that I took through to the cutting stage.

The Craft in Action fair at Rattery had a great atmosphere and there was lots to see and do. I was there with a few printing plates and cutting tools and I was amazed how interested people were.

I always enjoy visiting Tavistock which has a great market and lots of interesting shops so, when the opportunity came to have a go at selling in Butchers Hall, I just had to take it. It was a good experience with lots of visitors.

Finally I made a book of the gateways of our lane. I just love that they are all similar but a little different and I got it done before the hedges were cut. It had been on my list of ideas for months!

I have tried to get better at regularly drawing, aiming for everyday and here is my monthly flower for my 5 year sketchbook diary.

I hope you have had a happy and creative August.


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